CIC Hires More PR Card Renewal Processing Staff

I have commented extensively upon the increased wait time in processing permanent residency card renewals.  I have noted that the dramatic increase from an average of 40 days to the current 191 cannot be the result of an increase in applicants, because the number of applicants is actually decreasing.  I hypothesized that the actual reason was likely due to either an increase in the complexity of files, or staffing issues.

Today the Cape Breton Post is suggesting that the issue is indeed staffing.

Apparently, layoff notices were issued to 84 temporary employees and 63 casual workers (for a total of 147 employees) at CIC Sydney, which is where citizenship applications and PR Card renewals are processed.

The department, however, announced yesterday that up to 160 new positions will be filled this month.

2 thoughts on “CIC Hires More PR Card Renewal Processing Staff

  1. Hello,

    Has there been any luck with this? The processing times keep increasing.

    This is looking pretty bad. I hope the times come back to normal soon.


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