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  1. Dear Steven,

    In your blogpost about new FSW rules announced you have stated that

    “Prior to its recent suspension, the FSWC was limited to applicants with at least one year of experience in one of 29 eligible occupations. This limitation was implemented through Ministerial Instruction, and it is not clear whether the Ministerial Instruction will continue, or if it is being abolished. As such, it is not yet clear whether the FSWC will be reduced to experience in certain occupations”

    Has this aspect of the eligible occupations been cleared or not ? I would also like to know more about the professional occupation those who need to be assessed by their respective professional bodies ? Especially about Physiotherapists.

    Moreover, it is know from the CIC site that they are choosing some outside agency such as WES or somebody else to undertake the work of credentialing the hopeful immigrants from their homecountry before they file their application.
    Have they decided on this issue and the process that will be followed?

    As you know that all these professional bodies such as “Alliance” in case of physiotherepist are loaded with so much backlog with the applications from hopeful physiotherapists that they complete the process of credentialing in almost 2 or 3 or in some cases more than 3 years to complete the process.

    Do you think that these bodies can take the new load of fresh applications from new applicants in 2013? Where do you think is the justification in the process where a person has to wait 2 to 3 years to get a goahead from his professional body in order to file the immigration application ?

    I am a Physiotherapist in India and has been in a state of confusion eversince these new rules for FSW has been announced?

    1. These are all very good questions, and you raise important issues that hopefully Citizenship and Immigration Canada is considering.

      There have not been any updates regarding who the outside agency will be. I will post something as soon as something is known.

  2. Dear Steven

    Please guide me about following:

    New BC Entrepreneur Immigration system: In previous draws (After July 2015) candidates with how much score was invited to apply (Under New BC Entrepreneur Immigration) ? Please guide.

    Rupesh Patel

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