Our Services

We offer services in all areas of Canadian citizenship and immigration law.  Please browse below for the area that is applicable to you, or, if you are having difficulty knowing even where to start, please contact me.

Recent cases that we have worked on include:

  • Submitting an Application for a Minister’s Exemption for an individual who was deemed to be inadmissible for having been a student member of the FMLN in El Salvador.
  • Representing numerous applicants before the BC Provincial Nomination Program that have gone on to create successful, well known businesses in the province.
  • Assisting a Mexican priest who had never paid income tax in obtaining a multiple entry visitor visa.
  • Submitting a spousal sponsorship application with numerous humanitarian & compassionate grounds for an individual who was without status in Canada, had a removal order, and was wanted in the United States.
  • Obtaining a positive Labour Market Opinion for a two man business whose first application contained a detailed essay of why the owner did not think he had to comply with the advertising requirements.
  • Launching an action in Federal Court to retrieve a passport which had been seized by the Canada Border Services Agency for over half a year.