Rehabilitation for Criminality Inside Canada

If you have committed an offense in Canada, then you may be inadmissible if:

  • You were convicted of an offense punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least ten years, or of an offense for which a term of imprisonment of more than six months was imposed;
  • You were convicted of an offense punishable by way of indictment, or of two summary conviction offenses not arising out of a single occurrence; or
  • You committed a summary offense on entering Canada.

An exception is if the offense(s) was pardoned, of if there was an acquittal.

Our Service – Rehabilitation Applications

We routinely act for people who have been convicted of an offense in Canada, and apply for what is called rehabilitation.  We also act for permanent residents who need to appeal removal orders.

Please e-mail or call 1-604-681-9887 if you have any questions about overcoming your inadmissibility.