Security Risks

An individual may be found inadmissible to Canada on security grounds for several reasons, including membership in a group that engages in espionage, subversion, or terrorism.

This broad requirement often encompasses those who were members of an organization that committed questionable acts, but who themselves did not commit any acts of violence. It also often traps individuals who were members of the group that was 99% peaceful, but did questionable things.

Our Service

There are generally two approaches that we use to address this issue. The first is to challenge the finding that the individual was a member of a group that committed serious offenses. Amongst other things, this can be done either by challenging the notion that the person was a member of the group, by highlighting that the group was actually a coalition of many autonomous factions, or by challenging the finding that the group committed questionable actions.

The second is to apply for a Ministerial exemption. A person who is nevertheless inadmissible to Canada may nevertheless be able to satisfy the minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness that being in Canada would not be detrimental to the national interest. This decision is at the discretion of the minster, and may not be delegated.

We have seen many situations where untrained individuals tried to represent themselves, and did not understand the specific legal issues that are encompassed by this inadmissibility. If you are accused of being a security risk to Canada, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel at the outset.