BC PNP International Graduate Pilot Program

The BC PNP Strategic Occupations Program assists British Columbian universities in attracting top students from around the globe. It is a highly desirable alternative to a post-graduation work permit, which is only temporary.

To qualify, an individual must have obtained a graduate degree in agriculture, biological or biomedical sciences, computer and information sciences and support services, engineering, engineering technology, health professions and related clinical sciences, mathematics and statistics, natural resources conservation and research, or physical sciences. To qualify, an individual must have satisfied the requirements for an eligible masters or doctorate degree within the last two years.

Under the program, there is no requirement for a job offer. There is, however, a requirement that the individual intend to settle in British Columbia.


The BC PNP offers numerous advantages to participants, including that:

  • The individual obtains permanent residence, instead of temporary, increasing certainty for both the employer and the employee.
  • The individual will receive Canadian permanent resident visas with unlimited travelling, working, and studying ability in and out of Canada.
  • Upon becoming a permanent resident, the individual will have access to Canada’s free education and health care systems.
  • The individual will have the opportunity to obtain Canadian citizenship after 3 years.

Our Service – Personalized Financing

We believe firmly in the advantages of the BC PNP Program.  Whenever we are approached by someone seeking a study permit in a qualifying sector we suggest that they consider applying for a BC PNP Strategic Occupation permanent resident visa.

As such, we have extensive experience in this highly individualized category.