Intra-Company Transfers

The Intra-Company Transfer (“ICT“) category is designed to assist multinational business in moving executives, managers, and specialized workers to temporarily work.  People who qualify for the ICT category are able to work in Canada without their employer having to first obtain a Labour Market Opinion.

To qualify, a foreign national must:

  • Seek entry to undertake employment in Canada for a multi-national business that is or will be doing business in Canada and a foreign company;
  • Assume a position in the executive, senior managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity;
  • Have been employed in a similar full-time position for a minimum of one year in the three years prior to Canada; and
  • Comply with all immigration requirements for temporary entry.

Normally, executives and managers are subject to a maximum work stay (or cap) of seven years in Canada, and specialized knowledge workers to a maximum (or cap) of five years.

However, time spent outside Canada during the duration of the work permit can be recaptured. For example, if ICT senior managers have a work permit for one year and spend two 2-month stints over the course of the 12 months working in the U.S., then only 8 months would count against their seven-year limit as ICTs. In summary, documented time spent outside Canada can be “recaptured” to allow the ICT five or seven full years of physical presence in Canada.