Temporary Resident Permits


Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the “IRPA“) provides that officers may issue Temporary Resident Permits (“TRPs“) to people who are inadmissible to Canada for any reason.

As Justice Shore once stated, the purpose of TRPs is to soften the sometimes harsh consequences of the strict applications of the IRPA’s inadmissibility provisions.

To be eligible for a TRP the foreign national must demonstrate that there are compelling reasons to allow him/her to enter Canada despite the inadmissibility.  Basically, they allow officers to respond to exceptional circumstances while meeting Canada’s social, humanitarian, and economic objectives.

Interestingly, and perhaps to the disadvantage of many TRP applicants, TRPs grant their bearer more privileges than do visitor, student, or work permits. Those who possess long term TRPs are entitled to work permits and to receive health and social services. In many cases, once someone has remained in Canada under a TRP for three years they are able to apply for permanent residence.

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As well, it is important to note that if the terms of a temporary residence permit are complied with, then the individual may become eligible for permanent residence.