Temporary Resident Visas

With some exceptions, foreign nationals may generally not enter Canada without first obtaining a visa. The process to obtain a visa involves a formal, written application.

A visa may be refused if:

  • The applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria for the particular class of temporary resident;
  • The applicant is inadmissible to Canada; or
  • The officer is not satisfied that the applicant will leave by the end of his stay.

Our Service – For Those Worried About Being Refused

Most people do not need our services to obtain a temporary resident visa.

However, we do find that we are retained to assist individuals who are worried about being refused. The reason for this concern is because there is no right to appeal a rejection to the Immigration and Refugee Board; the applicant must apply for judicial review at the Federal Court.

One area that does trip up applicants is the burden of demonstrating that one will leave Canada by the expiry of the visa. Relevant factors include:

  • Family or economic ties to the country of residence;
  • Whether one can be self-sufficient while in Canada;
  • The applicant’s immigration status in the country of residence;
  • The economic and political situation of the applicant’s country of residence; and
  • Any other obligations or responsibilities that the applicant may have in the country of residence.