The Greatest Myth About Immigrating to Canada : 中國準移民 遭遣返大增

One of the most frustrating aspects of my job is dealing with people who have fallen to the greatest myth in Canadian immigration.

This myth is that once you’ve gotten a visa approved to come to Canada that it does not matter what you say to Canadian border officers when you arrive.

This is NOT the case. Our office has been hit by a recent surge of cases involving individuals referred to us by family, friends, and consultants who are shocked to discover that the person they were going to greet at the airport has been denied entry into Canada. These denials seem to occur when the potential immigrant says things that contradict what that individual told the Canadian embassy without realizing that their access to Canada is NOT guaranteed.

I did a blog post on this here about another lawyer’s client who even wrote on a web forum that he had lied to Canadian visa officials, but that since he had his visa there was nothing immigration authorities could do to him. Wrong.

So to immigration consultants out there.. you’ve put in the work.. you’ve gotten your client a visa… PLEASE make sure that they understand that they are not home free, and to not lose everything while crossing a Canadian port of entry.


This story has been picked up my Ming Pao!  The story reads:

【明報記者方潔瑩報道】拿覑移民簽證踏上加拿大國土報到,並不等於萬事大吉!即將成為新移民人士在登陸時,若不能通過機場入境官員的最後一關「面 試」,很可能被要求在48小時內離境。有移民律師表示,近日接到大量中國新移民初次入境登陸被拒案例,原因多是他們在與海關官員的對話中,無意中說了一些 與申請資料不符的內容。

移民律師辛湉王(Steven Meurrens)透露,這些持有移民簽證人士經歷了漫長等待和重重關卡,但最後一步卻栽在一些細枝末節上,比如不少人原本是通過申請其他省份的移民項目 而取得簽證,但在回答海關官員問話時,卻完全沒有前往該地的計劃,反而流露出將在其他地方、例如溫哥華定居的意圖;其他常見情況還包括未如實申報家庭成員 資料,其中大多是沒完整填報每一名子女的資料,包括離婚後未取得監護權的子女,或持他國國籍不準備移民來加國的子女等。




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