Canada to End Source-Country Class for Refugees

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There are three types of refugee classes for refugees that are re-settled from abroad. These are the Convention Refugees Abroad Class, the Country of Asylum Class, and the Source Country Class. Minister Kenney has introduced regulatory changes to eliminate the Source Country Class.

CSIC to be Replaced by the ICCRC

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On March 18, 2011, Minister Kenney announced that a new regulatory body would be created to oversee immigration consultants. The name of the new agency will be the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (“ICCRC”). The public has been provided with 30 days to comment.

Internal Flight Alternatives

Meurrens LawRefugees

An area of refugee law that often frustrates refugee claimants is the requirement that they show that there was no reasonable internal flight alternative to claiming refugee status in Canada.

Pending Criminal Charges and Immigrating

Meurrens LawInadmissibility

I have previously written that criminal convictions for foreign offenses can result in individuals being inadmissible to Canada. I was recently asked what the implication of charges or pending charges that have not yet been adjudicated.