Foreign Worker Protection in British Columbia

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Section 9.4 of Annex B of the Canada – British Columbia Immigration Agreement 2015 provides that “if Canada or B.C. determines that there is a real and substantial risk to a foreign worker as a result of an employer not complying with federal or provincial laws, Canada and B.C. will jointly undertake actions to mitigate … Read More

Law Cans Episode 8 – R v. Boutilier (Dangerous Offender Designations) with Eric Purtzki

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R. v. Boutilier is a 2017 Supreme Court of Canada decision in which the Court had to determine whether Canada’s dangerous offender designation regime is constitutional. Eric Purtzki is a criminal defence attorney in Vancouver who was counsel to Mr. Boutilier before the Supreme Court. We discuss how Canada’s dangerous offender designation regime works, the … Read More

French Citizens Waitlisted for the Young Professionals Program

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I recently received a call from a French citizen who was frustrated because they were continuously unsuccessful in the Young Professionals lottery. There was no need for them to be in the lottery, as they would have qualified for Mobilité francophone. As previously explained on my blog here, IRCC has a work permit program specifically designed … Read More