ATIP Results for CAPIC Presentation

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I will be presenting in Vancouver tonight at the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants annual general meeting  on the recently changed Federal Skilled Worker Class and the Canadian Experience Class.  This follows up on a presentation I made on the same topic at the Canadian Bar Association annual immigration conference in Montreal.

As part of my presentation, I have made available the following ATIP result publicly available.  This ATIP contains training manuals and internal procedures used at Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia.  It can be viewed by clicking the link below.


I have also reposted the following copies of ATIP results which I made available for the Canadian Bar Association conference in Montreal.

ATIP 1 –


  • An e-mail discussion on substituted evaluation;
  • Several e-mail discussions regarding issues with the PhD program;
  • Processing delays with the CEC;
  • Issues with the 2D barcode and GCMS;
  • Addressing problems with Indian Birth Certificates;
  • and more.

ATIP 2 –


  • An e-mail discussion on working overtime to process capped applications;
  • Clarifying the use of Academic IELTS;
  • E-mails on processing reconsideration requests; and
  • Several OBs (most already public, and some not).

ATIP 3 –


  • GCMS Shortcuts and Tips;
  • Case Studies on Removal Orders and ARC;
  • Cheat Sheet on Calculating the Start of the 5 Year Period for Rehab;
  • Training guides for misrepresentation;
  • Assessing medical specializations and professional degrees;
  • Assessing Skilled Workers (Islamabad Caseload);
  • Exercises on assessing Ministerial Instructions;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Cheat Sheet;
  • C-50 Summary;
  • Australian Police Certificates;
  • Criminality in the UK, equivalency sheets, and a whole lotta rehab stuff;
  • War Crimes (including a chart of every organization the courts have upheld as being brutal or non-brutal);

Please note that the ATIP results above are copies of official works by the Government of Canada which were obtained through Access to Information and Privacy Act Requests, and to my knowledge is not otherwise publicly available.  While I believe that most of the data is still current, I cannot be assured of this, and some programs may have changed lately.  The documents should only be used for informational purposes current as to the date that they were originally produced.  The reproduction of these documents has not occurred with the affiliation of the Government of Canada, nor with the endorsement of the Government of Canada.