Borderlines Podcast #62 – Tips from a Former CBSA Inland Enforcement Officer, with Carl Brault

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Carl Brault worked for almost twenty years at the Canada Border Services Agency. His roles included Border Services Officer, Intelligence Analyst and Inland Enforcement Officer.

He currently provides consultation services to authorized immigration representatives and can be reached at

3:00 Working as a summer student as a Border Services Officer.
6:30 September 11, 2011
9:50 What kind of training does a CBSA officer receive before they start working at the border?
18:10 Working as a CBSA Intelligence Analyst
21:30 Working as an Inland Enforcement Officer
25:00 Is CBSA understaffed or overstaffed?
28:30 Level of autonomy officers have in deferral requests.
38:30 What should lawyers or individuals do when making deferral of removal requests?
42:30 The ability of CBSA to make positive decisions by not acting.
48:30 What is the difference in culture across different offices?
51:15 What are examples of where counsel harms their clients cause at CBSA?
54:00 Do CBSA officers care about how lawyers are dressed?
56:30 Has the attitude towards removals at CBSA regarding removals gotten more rigid?
1:05:00 Do CBSA officers want more discretion when it comes to removals