Borderlines Podcast #73 – From an Investor Immigrant Practice to Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Chair, with David Thomas

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David Thomas practiced immigration law from 1987 – 2014, when he was appointed Chairperson of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. During his career he developed a large investor clientele from South Korea, ran to be a Member of Parliament, and started a charity that delivered vitamins to North Korea.

3:00 – The start of Dave’s career practicing immigration law both at a large firm and then starting his own firm.

6:00 – Practicing immigration law in the 1990s.

13:00 – Do immigration lawyers travel less than they do now, reduced communication with IRCC and other changes in the practice.

18:00 – Things learned about the bureaucracy as the head of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

32:00 – Running for federal office

36:00 – Would David recommend immigration law? Is it becoming less fun?

44:00 – Starting a charity that delivered vitamins to North Korea.

51:00 – Comparing practicing immigration to the human rights tribunal.

1:02 – What the future holds.