Borderlines Podcast #77 – #When Processing Delays are an Abuse of Process, with Prasanna Balasundaram

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Prasanna Balasundaram is the Director of Downtown Legal Services. He represented the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers as interveners in the Supreme Court of Canada case Law Society of Saskatchewan v. Abrametz, which dealt with when delays can amount to an abuse of process.


2:00 Why did CARL intervene in this case?

6:00 Recalibrating abuse of process.

10:00 Possible remedies for abuse of process.

17:00 What is an abuse of process claim?

20:00 What is the Blencoe test?

25:00 Is a remedy under an abuse of process claim cash?

28:00 How can lawyers, stakeholders, and CARL collaborate on
systemic issues?

31:00 Why does __ think that the Supreme Court did not address CARL’s argument about removal in the decision?

39:00 How does one choose test litigation cases?