Borderlines Podcast Episode #46 – An Interview with Sergio Marchi, Canada’s Immigration Minister from 1993-1995

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Sergio Marchi was Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration from 1993-1995.

3:00 – Does someone keep the Minister title their whole life?

4:50 – What was the political consensus regarding Canadian immigration at the end of the 1980s? How did the Reform Party impact things?

8:00 – The mix of immigrants between economic, family and humanitarian immigrants.

11:15 – What dictates whether IRCC meets its level targets?

14:30 – The Brian Mulroney government was considering moving immigration under Public Safety. Under Sergio Marchi it instead became it’s on Ministry. What prompted this?

17:30 – Canadian attitudes to refugee resettlements and misconceptions.

20:45 – Sources of resistance to refugee resettlement. Resettled refugees vs asylum seekers.

23:00 – Changes that Minister Marchi made to the refugee determination process.

25:00 – What was Minister Marchi’s approach to intervening on specific cases? When would Minister Marchi help Members of Parliament on constituent files? Did it matter which political party the MP was from?

32:00 – The impact of a police officer who was shot by an illegal immigrant on deportation policy.

36:00 – Whether the Canada Border Services Agency should be under the immigration umbrella.

37:30 – What Minister Marchi considers to be his main accomplishments and the implementation of the right of landing fee.

45:00 – Minister Marchi’s push to remove the Queen from the citizenship oath.