Last Updated on January 23, 2013 by Steven Meurrens

As employees at Citizenship and Immigration Canada brace themselves for the next round of office closures and layoffs, the Canadian government appears to have found the money to erect billboards in Hungary warning potential fraudulent refugee claimants that they will be quickly deported if they attempt to claim refugee status in Canada.

In English, the sign reads:


To reduce abuse, the refugee system of Canada has changed.

Refugees whose claims are found to be without grounds
are sent home much more quickly.

Further details:

Of course, if the plight of Roma continues to deteriorate in Hungary, it is unlikely that such billboards will deter people from attempting to flee.

But hey, maybe the solution is that the Canadian government should erect more detailed billboards around Hungary explaining the complicated legal concepts of internal flight alternatives, adequacy of  state protection, and the distinction between discrimination and persecution.