Permanent Resident Travel Documents

Meurrens LawMaintaining Permanent Residency

Since December 31, 2003, Canadian permanent residents have been required to have either a Permanet Resident Card (a “PR Card“), or a permanent resident travel document (a “PRTD“) to return to Canada aboard a commercial carrier.  A PR Card is a “status document” whereas a PRTD is a “travel document.” The PR card is the … Read More

Renouncing Permanent Resident Status

Meurrens LawMaintaining Permanent Residency

Prior to November 21, 2014, there was no formal way for permanent residents to voluntarily renounce their permanent resident status in Canada.  Incredibly, permanent residents who wanted to voluntarily relinquish their status had to generally first be declared inadmissible to Canada by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”).  This changed in 2014, and the ability … Read More

RIMBits Revealed (July 2010)

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The following are some excerpts from the July 2010 RIMbits.  RIMbits are messages sent from National Headquarters to missions overseas.  The July 2010 RIMbits on admissibility consisted of eight questions and answers or bulletins.  I have reproduced three of them for free below. Please note that the questions and answers below should not be viewed … Read More

PR Cards will no Longer be Mailed to Permanent Residents’ Representatives

Meurrens LawMaintaining Permanent Residency

On January 14, 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC“) issued Operational Bulletin 491 – Mailing Permanent Resident Cards (“PR Cards“) to Representatives (“OB-491“).  OB-491 is an update to the 2012 Pilot Project to mail permanent resident cards directly to applicants instead of having them attend at a CIC office. Many permanent residents have been requesting that … Read More

Wait Times for PR Card Renewal Dramatically Increase : 申請人及律師炮轟 中國新移民遭歧視

Meurrens LawMaintaining Permanent Residency

The processing time for PR Card renewals has ballooned from roughly 42 days to 171.  There are several reasons for this, including personnel reductions at Case Processing Centre  Sydney, a higher than expected number of permanent residences wanting to renew their permanent resident card instead of applying for citizenship, and increased complexity of some of … Read More