Borderlines Podcast #96 – Inadmissibility for Espionage and Chinese Immigration, with Will Tao

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  Will Tao is a Canadian immigration and the founder of Heron Law Office. In January 2024 Justice Crampton, the Chief Justice of the Federal Court released a decision where he ruled that what constitutes “espionage” in Canadian immigration law must evolve “as hostile state actors increasingly make use of non-traditional methods to obtain sensitive … Read More

Borderlines Podcast – History Episode 1 – Order in Council PC 1911-1324 – The Law to Ban Black Migration to Canada

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This episode is a historical deep dive on Order in Council PC 1911-1324, an Order in Council from 1911 which stated that for a period of one year black people would not be permitted to immigrate in Canada because the Canadian government deemed them unsuitable to Canada’s climate. Borderlines · History Episode 1 – Order … Read More

Borderlines Podcast Episode 55 – Risk Salience and Unconscious Bias in Decision Making, with Hilary Evans Cameron

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Hilary Evans Cameron is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson Law. Prior to become a faculty member, Hilary represented refugee claimants for a decade. She is the author of Refugee Law’s Fact-finding Crisis: Truth, Risk, and the Wrong Mistake. Her paper on risk salience in refugee decisions that we discuss can be found here. She is … Read More

Borderlines Podcast Episode 48 – Responding to Procedural Fairness Letters, with Raj Sharma

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A discussion about responding to procedural fairness letters with digressions on possible bias against people from Punjab, unreasonable documentation requests, tunnel vision amongst visa officers, how if an officer goes out looking for misrepresentation in an application they will probably find it, aggressively banning people from Canada as a deterrance policy, IRCC misleading Parliament about … Read More

Borderlines Podcast Episode 39 – Immigration Detention Hearings after Brown v. Canada, with Aris Daghighian

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Aris Daghighian is a senior associate with Green and Spiegel LLP in Toronto. He represented the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers as intervenors in Brown v. Canada, 2020 FCA 130. In this episode we discuss the issues raised in the case, including how immigration detention works in Canada, what the disclosure obligations should be on … Read More