Last Updated on October 19, 2010 by Steven Meurrens

This does not represent a decline in the actual number of Chinese immigrating. Rather, it reflects a dramatic increase in the number of Filipinos and Indians that are having their applications for permanent residence approved.

Using the data received from CIC, I have produced the following table. It shows the top 10 source countries for immigrants from January 1 – June 30 in 2009, and compares it with the same time period for 2010.

2009 (Jan 1 – June 30) 2010 (Jan 1 – June 30)
Country # of Immigrants Country # of Immigrants
China 14,503 Philippines 17,474
Philippines 14,426 India 15,656
India 13,410 China 15,051
United States 4,742 United Kingdom 5,031
United Kingdom 4,545 United States 4,824
France 3,608 France 3,336
Pakistan 3,132 United Arab Emirates 3,176
Iran 2,737 Columbia 2,874
Republic of Korea 2,443 Republic of Korea 2,839
Germany 2,219 Morocco 2,697

While the decline of China as a source country of immigrants relative to the Philippines and India is notable, it is also interesting to note that most of the top 10 source countries saw their absolute numbers increase.  The notable exception is Pakistan, which saw the number of people obtaining permanent residence in Canada dropping from 3,132 to 2,628, a decline of almost 25%.

There have been e-mails circulating amongst the immigration-lawyer community as to why this is, which will be the subject of a future post.


My comments on this matter have appeared in Ming Pao.

移民律師辛湉王(Steven Meurrens)引述申請移民的數字稱,中國人提出移民加國的申請個案,其實也在大幅減少中,2008年加國共收到53,817宗中國各類移民申請個 案,但到了2009年,全年的中國申請數字大跌近4成至32,847宗,此消彼長下,估計中國今年最終會失去「最大移民來源國」的趨勢已成。