IRCC Enforcement Manual 7 – Investigations and Arrests


The IRCC Investigations and Arrests Manual is divided into parts as outlined below.

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    Please note that what I have reproduced below should not be viewed as legal advice by IRCC.  The reproduction of the material below has not occurred with the affiliation of the Government of Canada, nor with the endorsement of the Government of Canada. As well, given the nature of internal documents, some of the information may be out of date.

    The IRCC Investigations and Arrests Manual is divided into parts as outlined below.

    Chapter 1 – What this Chapter is About

    Chapter 2 – Program Objectives

    Chapter 3 – The Act and Regulations

    Chapter 4 – Instruments and Delegation

    Chapter 5 – CBSA Policy

    • Investigations
    • Priorities
    • Use of Force
    • Warrants

    Chapter 6 – Definitions

    Chapter 7 – Procedure: Overview of General Investigations Procedures

    • IRCC referrals

    Chapter 8 – Information Sources

    Chapter 9 – Validating Information

    Chapter 10 – Procedure: Prioritizing Information

    Chapter 11 – Procedure: Risk Assessment

    Chapter 12 – Police Assistance

    • United States police agencies
    • When police assistance may be required

    Chapter 13 – Procedure – Interviewing

    Chapter 14 – Procedure: Taking Notes 

    Chapter 15 – Procedure Arrests

    • Arrests with a warrant
    • Arrest without a warrant

    Chapter 16 – Procedure: Arrest and Detention by Peace Officers under IRPA

    Chapter 17 – Procedure: Making an Arrest

    • Obligations under the Charter
    • Detention

    Chapter 18 – Procedure: Arresting a Person in Private Premises

    Chapter 19 – Procedure: Searching

    • Searching Canadian citizens
    • Searching a private Residence

    Chapter 20 – Procedure: Seizure

    Chapter 21 – Procedure: Fingerprinting and Technology

    Chapter 22 – Procedure: Detention

    Chapter 23 – Procedure: Enforcement Incident Reporting Requirements

    Chapter 24: Procedure: Report Writing

    Chapter 25: Procedure: Notification to the Support System for Intelligence

    Chapter 26: Procedure: Diplomats, consular officers and representatives or officials of a foreign country, of the United Nations and of international organizations

    Chapter 27: Procedure: Testifying

    Chapter 28 – Procedure: Handling alleged War Criminals

    Chapter 29 – Procedure: Requesting the Minister’s Opinion

    Chapter 30 – Procedure: Intervention ,cessation and vacation

    Chapter 31 – Procedure – Information Exchange with Other Parties

    Chapter 32 – Procedure: Legality of Actions

    Appendixes: Authorization to Have the Authority and Powers of a Peace Officer, Letter to Compel Persons to Appear for Examination, Letter to Compel Foreign Nationals to Appear for an Interview with CSIS

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