Citizenship and Immigration Canada has released the names of the designed Educational Credential Assessment agencies.

Starting on May 4, 2013, applicants to the Federal Skilled Worker Program will be required to submit an Educational Credential Assessment.  Subsection 75(2)(e) makes this a requirement even if the applicant does not wish to rely on Education points.

The four designated organizations are:

The Medical Council of Canada has been designated only for those applicants who intend to apply with “specialist physician” or “general practitioner/family physician” as their primary occupation in their Federal Skilled Worker Program application.

I have browsed the websites of each of the above agencies, and produced the table below.  Getting educational credentials assessed is going to be a very time consuming process.  Right now the World Education Services website strongly suggests that it is faster, cheaper, and less document heavy than the other two organizations.  However, I would not be surprised if competition forces the other two organizations to change, and applicants are advised to check all websites to determine which one agency would be best for them.

Factor Comparative Education Service International Credential Assessment Service of Canada Word Education Services Medical Council of Canada
Documents Required Application Form

Color photo ID showing DOB.


Color copy of credential and official translation.


Color copy of both sides of transcripts and official translation.


Sealed academic records mailed directly from institution to agency.

Copy of name change (if applicable).

Online application. 

Copy of each side of credential and translation.


Copy of both sides of transcripts and  translation.


Copy of abstract of thesis/dissertation and translation.


Copy of name change (if applicable).


Sealed academic record mailed directly from institution to agency.


Online application. 

No general documentation requirement, but country specific checklists generally include copies of credentials, letters confirming awarding of documents, and transcripts.

Copy of name change (if applicable).

Sealed academic records mailed directly from institution to agency.

Open an account with the MCC Physician Credential Repository 

Submit a Source Verification Request for their Final Medical Note


Certified copy of the medical diploma.



Country Specific Additional Documents Yes. Yes. Yes. Not clear.
Cost Regular – 226Rush – 508.50 200 + HST 180 + HSTRush – 280-300 + HST 300+
Processing Regular – 11 weeksRush – five days after receipt of all documents 6-8 weeks Standard – Seven days upon receipt of all documents.Three day and same day processing available. 75-105 days