Environmental Overview – Rome

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The following is a summary of the Environmental Overview of the immigration functions at the Canadian Embassy in Rome (the “Environmental Overview”).  The Environmental Overview was prepared as part of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2015-2016 planning exercise.


The Canadian Embassy in Rome (“CIC Rome”) provides visa services to residents of Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, San Marino, and the State of the Holy See.  Economic turbulence in Greece resulted in an increased interest in Canada from Greek nationals.

The economic crisis in Greece and Malta, as well as, the political and economic crisis in Italy continue to affect our programs. We continue to receive an increasing number of inquiries related to both our TR and PR programs. We receive approximately 2000 emails per month from persons inquiring about our programs. Our VACs indicate that they too have not only seen an increase in the number of walk-in inquiries on TR programs but also on PR programs. Clients are all referred to the CIC website.


Since arriving this summer, new IPM has made several changes to better leverage GCMS and improve processing times across all lines of business. Backlogs and long processing times
have been eliminated and Rome is back to well within all CIC published processing standards.

With the reduction in backlogs and processing times, Rome is now in an excellent position to help with any new mission-to-mission file processing sharing.

Permanent Resident Program

Somewhat surprisingly, to me at least, there is “a lot of fraud” in the family class, and marriages of convenience are a concern.

Temporary Resident Program

Rome processed 3,755 TRV applications in 2014.  The approval rate was 50.35%.  The study rate approval was 59.2%. The work permit approval rate was 71.35%.

The full report is below.  Please note that this report did not occur with the affiliation of the Government of Canada, and the report was obtained through an Access to Information Act request.