Last updated on April 5th, 2021

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by Steven Meurrens

People who would not normally be eligible to become permanent residents of Canada may be able to apply on humanitarian and compassionate (“H&C“) grounds.

Humanitarian and compassionate grounds apply to people with exceptional cases.

Here are 2020 approval statistics for humanitarian & compassionate class applications.

2A-2020-95301_Release package

Sample Decisions

Below are sample H&C decisions that were used in an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada training session.

For each example, IRCC provided a chat to show a portion of the officer’s decision-making steps to describe context of the application.

As can be seen, a big deficiency in many H&C applications is the applicant not providing documentary examples to substantiate their assertions in claim.

The H&C requests were based on the following situations:

  • Domestic violence in Mexico from two former partners
  • Discrimination in Japan
  • Criminal gangs in Honduras
  • Members of a drug cartel
  • Land dispute
  • Adverse country conditions in Bulgaria
  • Membership in a political party
  • Adverse country conditions in China
  • Adverse country conditions in Fiji
  • Religious discrimination in Bangladesh
Sample H&C