Family Class Undertakings

Meurrens LawFamily Class (Spousal Sponsorships, Parents & Grandparents)

The spousal sponsorship undertaking is a binding contract between sponsors (and co-signers) and the Minister of Immigraiton, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Sponsors must provide the sponsored person with basic requirements from the day they enter Canada until the end of the undertaking. They are obligated to repay the government any social assistance payments made to … Read More

Ineligibility to Make a Refugee Claim

Meurrens LawImmigration Trends

Section 101(d) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act states: 101. (1) A claim is ineligible to be referred to the Refugee Protection Division if (a) refugee protection has been conferred on the claimant under this Act; (b) a claim for refugee protection by the claimant has been rejected by the Board; (c) a prior claim by … Read More