Law Cans Episode 2 – Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc. (Global Injunctions) with Daniel Cowper

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Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc. is a 2017 Supreme Court of Canada decision in which the Supreme Court had to determine whether a British Columbia company could seek a worldwide injunction to to enjoin Google from displaying any part of another company’s websites on any of Google’s search results worldwide.

Daniel Cowper is an Associate at Robert Fleming Lawyers, the law firm which represented Equutsek Solutions Inc. He can be found at @DanielCowper online.

0:56 – An overview of the facts of the case. Equustek, a small technology company in British Columbia launched an action against Datalink, a former distributor who allegedly copied and sold their product.  Datalink left British Columbia and continued to carry on its business from an unknown location. Equustek sought a worldwide interlocutory injunction to enjoin Google from displaying any part of Datalink’s websites on any of its search results worldwide.

6:30 – An overview of the test for an interlocutory injunction. There needs to be (1) a serious issue to be tried, (2) irreparable harm, and (3) the balance of convenience must favour the party seeking the injunction.

7:40 – Can someone seek an injunction against a non-party?

9:40 – Can a British Columbia court issue a world wide injunction against a company? In this case, it is appropriate for a British Columbia court to order Google to de-index a website from its search engines globally rather than just in British Columbia or Canada?

14:40 – Would requiring that Google de-index websites breach Google’s freedom of expression?

16:45 – Is there a risk of inconsistent judgements where courts start making global declarations as to what a company should do which render it impossible for the company to do both?

24:00 – An overview of the dissent. Should an injunction be granted if it will be difficult to enforce?

36:20 – Dan talks about how he balances being a poet and being a lawyer.

44:30 – What advice does Dan have for people who feel guilty whenever they are doing non-law activities?

Daniel’s Tumblr page can be found here.  You can purchase his book of poems, The Gods of Doors, here.