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Rankin (Rankin’s Garage & Sales) v. J.J is a 2018 Supreme Court of Canada decision in which the Supreme Court had to determine whether a commercial garage owed a duty of care to a teenager who had broken into the garage and stole a car. The teenager was injured after the car was involved in a crash. He sued the commercial garage for negligence.

Saro Turner is a Partner at Slater Vecchio LLP, a prominent Vancouver personal injury law firm. He can be found at @saroturner online.

We discuss the Supreme Court decision, and Saro describes the four elements of a negligence lawsuit – the duty of care, the standard of care, causation and damages. It is Tort Law 101! Saro also tells people who have suffered losses what they should look for when choosing a personal injury lawyer.

1:20 – An overview of the facts of the case. In brief, two drunk teenagers steal a car from a commercial garage.  There is a car crash. One of the boys suffers a brain injury. He sues the garage.

2:41 – When you’re making out a claim of negligence what does the plaintiff have to establish? In brief, you have to establish a duty of care, a standard of care, causation and damages.

5:45 – What is a duty of care?

13:20 – What is a standard of care?

16:51 – What is causation?

19:45 – What are damages?

24:40 – What things should someone look for in a personal injury lawyer? If someone has been injured, how should they select their lawyer?