Last Updated on May 12, 2020 by Steven Meurrens

The Department of Employment and Social Development Canada has special Labour Market Impact Assessment rules for concession booth operators.

As per the Guidelines, concession both operators, within the specific context of major touring productions / shows (eg. Disney on ICe, Monster Jam, Ringling Brothers) are classified as National Occupational Classification 0621 – Retail Trade Managers.

Concession booth operators are responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating the operations of establishments selling merchandise.  For concession booth owners / operators / managers working in conjunction with major touring productions / shows, the foreign workers own and operate concession booths as sub-contractors of the production company. They:

  • are trained in specific contractual standards on a range of topics, e.g. product knowledge, sales techniques, security; and
  • may be required to purchase minimum quotas of licensed products.

At these events, concession sales represent a signficant revenue stream which supports the viability of the main production / show.


The ESDC guidelines state that officers must base their assessment on whether the employer has made, or has agreed to make, reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

LMIA applications for concession both owners / operators associated with major touring productions such demonstrate that the approval of the LMIA would result in the creation or retention of employment opportunties for Canadians and permanent residents.

Employment can include:

  • ticket takers;
  • security;
  • parking lot attendants;
  • maintenance staff;
  • food / beverage vendors;
  • employment and revenues for hotels, restaurants, transportation companies; and,
  • print media.

No recruitment or advertisement is required.

The directive does not apply to concession booth owners / operators associated with a mid-way, a travelling carnival / festival, or an event.

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