The Ottawa Citizen today published two more interesting pieces on the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Federal Court.

The first is titled “Access to Justice Should Not Look Like a Lottery“.

Did you know that:

  • Federal court judges deny 85% of all leave applications?
  • That once leave is the success rate is almost half?
  • That one judge granted leave in 60% of all cases, while another granted leave in less than 1.5% of cases?

The second is titled “Chill of ministerial comments erodes independence of Immigration and Refugee Board, former chair says

Interesting tidbits here include that:
  • That last year seven IRB members approved fewer than 10% of the asylum claims that they heard. By contrast, 15 members approved 70 percent or more of the claims that they ruled on.
  • One approved 94% of her claims, the other approved 0%.
  • IRB members make $120,000 per year.