Canada Still Welcomes Immigrants (加拿大歡迎移民)

8th Jun 2011 Comments Off on Canada Still Welcomes Immigrants (加拿大歡迎移民)

Sing Tao newspaper recently published an editorial of mine stating that Canada still welcomes immigrants. The article was a response to an article by another immigration lawyer stating the opposite. The article was in Chinese, and stated that: 作者:穆偉士(Steven Meurrens)律師、王捷(實習律師) 最近有移民律師表達了對加拿大政府不再歡迎移民的顧慮。這會讓在加拿大移民部工作的官員感到奇怪,因為在2010年來到加拿大的永久居民和國際學生的數量創了新高,外國工人的數量也接近紀錄。 很多人對最近移民入籍考試的修改、續楓葉卡時要求730天居住義務,以及對聯邦技術移民和加拿大經驗類別要求的語言考試這三方面,非常關注。 在分析這些變化時,須要考慮的一個重要也是更深層問題就是,確保移民到加拿大的人在經濟上成功融入加國。菲沙研究所最近有一項研究表明,2006年的調查顯示加國移民收入顯著低於本地出生的居民。移民部引入這些政策是為了減少這種不能讓人接受的差距。 關 於引進標準化語言考試,值得指出的是,聯邦技術移民和加拿大經驗類別不需要先找到工作,它們是基於該移民能夠立即找到工作的可能性而設立的類別。顯然,英 文或法文能力是某個人能否達到這一要求的關鍵因素,語言考試提供了測試的標準方式。但是,如果你已有工作安排,而對語言考試有顧慮,那麼對你來說可能有其 他更好的移民方式。 關於強制730天居住義務,須要注意的是它的目的是促進新移民對加國的經濟融入。舉個極端例子,它避免人們在獲得永久居民身分 後回到本國,直到退休才回來。五年中在加拿大境內居住兩年的義務,包括為加國公司在境外工作或陪同加國公民在境外旅行,並不是過於嚴苛。並且,和公眾所認 知的相反,移民部和移民部覆議庭經常以人道主義和同情因素作出豁免。 關於對入籍考試的更改,我曾經說過我認為這些更改非常無聊,但不是基於它們增 強一致性或減少多元文化。我的立場是不明白為甚麼要答對九成問題。和永久居民身分相比,國籍帶來可以永遠居住加國和投票的好處。我不理解關於加國歷史、地 理和體育的問題和這些好處有甚麼關係。我們容忍在加國出生的人在地圖上找不到自己國家,那又何必在這些無關緊要的事情上測試移民呢? 讓我們回到加 拿大如何歡迎移民的話題上來。過去幾年中,聯邦政府為國際留學生引進了校外工作簽證項目和畢業後工作簽證項目。獲得省提名移民的人數,因此有極大增長,省 提名項目在卑詩省是沒有語言要求的。加拿大政府採取措施打擊那些動輒騙取幾千加元費用的偽劣移民顧問。它取消了對普通台灣護照持有者的簽證要求。它還縮短 某些申請的受理時間。 因此我對一些同仁的觀點不敢苟同。儘管移民部的項目和系統離完美還差很遠(一個政府怎麼可能達到完美呢?),加拿大政府還是一如既往地歡迎移民。 For those…

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Can Refugees be Extradited?

14th Dec 2010 Comments Off on Can Refugees be Extradited?

…courts (Article 16) and due process in relation to expulsion decisions (Article 32), it does not bind the contracting states to any particular process for either granting or withdrawing refugee status. Thus, Canada’s international undertaking with respect to non-refoulement does not commit it to any particular procedural scheme for its application in extradition matters. The SCC’s statement that obtaining refugee…

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Inadmissible for Crimes Against Humanity

5th Feb 2011 Comments Off on Inadmissible for Crimes Against Humanity

…constitutes a war crime according to customary international law or conventional international law applicable to armed conflicts, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (the “Rome Statute”) provides guidance in interpreting some of the provisions above. Article

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Permanent Residency for Low-Skilled Workers

23rd Sep 2010 Comments Off on Permanent Residency for Low-Skilled Workers

The Edmonton Journal contains a story today about an Edmonton family that faces deportation (or at the time of writing has just been deported) from Canada after living in Alberta for ten years. The family arrived on the principal applicant’s student visa, and then continued to stay when the principal applicant obtained a work permit. According to the article, there…

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Competing for Foreign Students

6th Aug 2010 Comments Off on Competing for Foreign Students

Last updated on July 21st, 2018 The Economist this week published an interesting article called Foreign University Students: Will they Still Come? While the focus of the article is Britain, the same conclusions that it reaches apply to Canada. International students make up a significant portion of the student bodies of major Canadian campuses. In 2009, roughly 13% of the…

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Plea Bargaining and Canadian Immigration

6th Sep 2011 Comments Off on Plea Bargaining and Canadian Immigration

…plea-bargaining, and if prosecutors not able to so rely on bargain results. The Journal of Law, Economics and Policy recently published an article highlight this relationship between plea-bargaining and overcriminalization. The article is titled “Overcriminalization 2.0: The Symbiotic Relationship between Plea Bargaining and Overcriminalization”, and can be downloaded here. Some key excerpts include: There is an enormous problem with plea…

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Who Can Help You with Immigration Matters

27th Jan 2012 Comments Off on Who Can Help You with Immigration Matters

Last updated on March 17th, 2021 The following article appeared in the November issue of Canadian immigrant magazine: Who Can Help You with Immigration Matters Understanding the New Regulations I frequently receive e-mails from individuals asking if it is true that it is either illegal or impossible to immigrate toCanadawithout hiring a lawyer or a paid consultant. Some people appear…

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Borderlines Episode 10 – Canadian National Security Law, Bill C-51 and Trudeau’s Reforms, with Professor Kent Roach

13th Dec 2016 Comments Off on Borderlines Episode 10 – Canadian National Security Law, Bill C-51 and Trudeau’s Reforms, with Professor Kent Roach

…Liberal Government of Canada’s response. His book, False Security The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-terrorism, can be found here. The paper that he authored which he references throughout the podcast, Righting Security: A Contextual and Critical Analysis and Response to Canada’s 2016 National Security Green Paper, can be found here. Its abstract reads: This article responds to the Canadian government’s 2016…

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Consequences of Recent Changes to Live-in Caregiver Program

12th May 2015 Comments Off on Consequences of Recent Changes to Live-in Caregiver Program

The following article appeared in the January edition of The Canadian Immigrant. At the end of the article I have reproduced two Access to Information Act which confirm the great reduction in the program. Canada’s live-in caregiver program (LCP) has arguably been one of the country’s best-known immigration programs, albeit not without its criticisms. Under the LCP, foreign caregivers were…

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Judicial Review Success Rates on Refugee Matters based on the Judge

21st Sep 2018 Comments Off on Judicial Review Success Rates on Refugee Matters based on the Judge

Sean Rehaag, an Associate Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, has published a paper titled Judicial Review of Refugee Determinations (II): Revisiting the Luck of the Draw. Its Abstract states: This article updates an earlier empirical study of decision-making in the refugee law context in Canada’s Federal Court. The initial study found that outcomes in Federal Court applications for judicial…

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