Biometric Requirements to Enter Canada

21st Jul 2018 Comments Off on Biometric Requirements to Enter Canada

…to the RCMP for storage and searching against fingerprint records of known offenders, past refugee claimants, persons who were previously deported and previous immigration applicants. Fingerprints are also automatically checked against United States immigration fingerprint holdings. At the ports of entry, border services officers compare the photograph with the photo in the passport and the face of the individual presenting…

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Top Source Countries of Immigration to Canada

20th Oct 2020 Comments Off on Top Source Countries of Immigration to Canada

One of the interesting trends of Canadian immigration during the past five years has been the explosion of India as a source country, the flat-lining of China, and the decline of the Philippines. There has also been a steady increase in immigrants from Brazil, Eritrea, the USA and Nigeria….

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Work Permits Under the CPTPP

3rd Jan 2019 Comments Off on Work Permits Under the CPTPP

of the organization; establishes the goals and policies of the organization or of a component or function of the organization; and exercises wide latitude in decision-making and receives only general supervision or direction from high-level executives, the board of directors or stockholders of the business organisation. A manager is a business person within an organization who does all of the…

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Canada’s Ageing Demographics Compared to Other Western Nations

17th Aug 2010 Comments Off on Canada’s Ageing Demographics Compared to Other Western Nations

Last updated on July 21st, 2018 In today’s Daily Reckoning, Dan Denning analyzes the age demographics of numerous Western countries to determine the attractiveness of government treasuries. He summarizes the relationship between aging countries and government finances as follows: Through either low immigration or low birth rates, or a combination of both, aging countries face some grim demographic math. Pension…

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Biometric Regulations

7th Dec 2012 Comments Off on Biometric Regulations

…travel documents from these countries will have to submit biometric information at Visa Application Centers, are: List of Countries Whose Foreign Nationals Will Be Required to Submit Biometric Information Prior to Coming to Canada Date Countries September 2, 2013 Haiti Jamaica October 15, 2013 Albania Algeria DemocraticRepublicofCongo Eritrea Libya Nigeria Saudi Arabia Somalia South Sudan Sudan Tunisia December 7, 2013…

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Government of Canada Commits to Initiating Removal Against 875 Refugees Per Year

5th May 2014 Comments Off on Government of Canada Commits to Initiating Removal Against 875 Refugees Per Year

…from their home country. The CBSA will normally initiate cessation proceedings when it discovers that a refugee has returned to their country of origin for an extended period of time. Traditionally, the CBSA rarely initiated cessation proceedings because the loss of refugee status did not also lead to a loss of permanent residence status. However, as a result of changes…

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Distinguishing PRRA and H&C

15th Feb 2011 Comments Off on Distinguishing PRRA and H&C

…the importance of assessing an H&C claim through the lens of “hardship”, as distinct from that of “risk” applied in relation to a PRRA. The mere fact that the officer stated the proper test at the outset of his reasons does not indicate, of course, that the officer properly assessed the evidence. To come to the contrary conclusion would be…

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The Mexican Visa Requirement to Visit Canada

8th May 2011 Comments Off on The Mexican Visa Requirement to Visit Canada

…it currently takes. For claimants from a designated country or origin, the hearing will take place within 60 days. As I previously noted here, Mexico would likely be such a designated country of origin. Accordingly, the amount of time that a false Mexican refugee claimant would spend in Canada would fall precipitously. The incentive of making a false refugee claim…

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Educational Credential Assessments

18th Apr 2013 Comments Off on Educational Credential Assessments

…Comparative Education Service: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies; International Credential Assessment Service of Canada; World Education Services; International Qualifications Assessment Service; International Credential Evaluations Service; Medical Council of Canada; and Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada. The Medical Council of Canada has been designated only for those applicants who intend to apply with “specialist physician” or “general practitioner/family physician”…

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Where to Apply for a Study Permit

24th Feb 2020 Comments Off on Where to Apply for a Study Permit

…Vavilov, above at para 120; Canada Post Corp v Canadian Union of Postal Workers, 2019 SCC 67, at para 42. Regarding the bracketed example in the second point of what does not constitute a prerequisite, MITT does more than indicate “must provide proof of English proficiency”; instead MITT stipulates that international students must successfully finish one of a list of

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