Borderlines is a Canadian legal podcast with a focus on Canadian immigration.

History Episodes

Order in Council PC 1911-1324 - The Law to Ban Black Migration to Canada

This episode is a historical deep dive on Order in Council PC 1911-1324, an Order in Council from 1911 which stated that for a period of one year black people would not be permitted to immigrate in Canada because the Canadian government deemed them unsuitable to Canada's climate. I am re-uploading the episode to fix some audio issues and also to add more context on areas that people had questions about.

The episode explores Order in Council PC 1911-1324, scientific racism, homesteading, Wilfred Laurier's term as Prime Minister, the 1911 Canadian election, the situation in Oklahoma that caused black people to migrate to Canada and more.

Railway to Exclusion Part 1 – Chinese Immigration to Canada from 1850-1885

Part 1 of 2 in a historical deep dive of Chinese immigration to Canada. This episode covers the period of 1850 - 1885, and includes an overview of events in China at the time (including the Opium Wars and the Taiping Rebellion), Chinese migration during the British Columbia gold rush, the merger of the Colony of Vancouver Island and the Colony of British Columbia, numerous British Columbian laws designed to make reduce the number of Chinese in the Province, the building of the Trans Canada Railway, the Royal Commission on Chinese Migration to Canada and the Chinese Head Tax.

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