Last Updated on July 16, 2011 by Steven Meurrens

Applicants who have been nominated by a province under the Provincial Nomination Program are not guaranteed permanent residence.

According to statistics from a Citizenship and Immigration Canada CD that is distributed to practitioners, the total acceptance rate for Applications for Permanent Residence as a Member of the Provincial Nominee Class is 97%.  Almost all embassies show acceptance rates of above 95%.  The exceptions to this are Beijing (87%), Colombo (89%), Islamabad (92%), Seoul (94%), Berlin (93%), Kiev (94%), Moscow (92%), Rome (80%), Warsaw (91%), Mexico City (92%), and Sao Paulo (94%).

The reasons for the rejections vary from criminal inadmissibility to medical issues.  The issue of fraud is also becoming an increasing concern.

According to information obtained by an Access to Information Request and published in Lexbase, in 2009 the vast majority of refusals were for misrepresentation.  The misrepresentations were discovered as a result of field investigations and/or telephone verifications that uncovered fraud related to one of the requirements under a Provincial Nomination Program.  82% of such fraud cases related to employment, 9% related to education, and 6% related to financial statements.

Interestingly, the embassy noted that a significant number of cases that were previously refused for misrepresentation were nominated again by the same province after the two-year inadmissibility ban expired.

In any event, and perhaps most importantly for applicants to the Beijing embassy, Provincial Nominee applications are now the most time consuming cases in the economic class for that embassy.