Last Updated on February 6, 2013 by Steven Meurrens

After the work experience requirement for the Canadian Experience Class went from two-years to one, many people have been asking whether they should apply for the BC PNP – Strategic Occupations – Skilled Workers program or the Canadian Experience Class.

The following table shows some of the issues that applicants should be aware with each application.  It was part of a larger table comparing the BC PNP to many federal economic immigration programs which I wrote in a paper for the 2013 Canadian Bar Association – British Columbia Branch Annual Immigration Conference.


BC PNP – Skilled Workers


Is a job offer required as part of the application? Yes, and the employer must have at least 3-5 employees depending on its location. No. In fact, there is no requirement that the applicant be employed during the processing of the application.
If a job offer is required, can the applicant change employers? Not until after nomination, and the BC PNP may withdraw nomination if the new position does not meet program requirements. N/A
If a job offer is required, does the employer have to do recruitment? Yes, although if the employee is a TFW the original recruitment is sufficient. N/A
How much work experience is required? Several years of directly related work experience.


1 year of work experience in a NOC 0/A/B occupation in Canada in the 3 years preceding the application. 
Does self-employment count to experience? Yes. No.
Can currently self-employed people apply? No, an applicant cannot own more than 10% of the employer. Yes.  However, they must have one year experience as an employee.
Processing times 8-12 weeks at BC PNP, and then varies at CIC 11 months
Is language testing required? No.



If the 1 year experience was in NOC 0/A then CLB 7

If the position was NOC B, then CLB 5

Is there a minimum necessary income? Applicants must earn market rate.

Applicant + spouse must earn more than minimum necessary income.

Do applicants need their credentials assessed? No. No.
Can an applicant maintain status  during permanent residence application processing? Yes, once they are nominated.

Eligible for bridging open work permit when CIO sends acknowledgement of receipt and work permit expiring in 4 months.

Eligible for bridging open work permit when CIO sends acknowledgement of receipt and work permit expiring in 4 months.
Is age a factor? No. No.
Policy on reconsideration Contact the Program Advisor, then Manager, then Director Reconsideration unlikely, judicial review generally needed.
Is it possible to speak with an officer on the phone? Yes. Rarely.
What if credit card bounces? Will send an e-mail asking for new details. Will bounce application.