A22.1 Declarations to Deny People Entry to Canada

29th Jan 2014 Comments Off on A22.1 Declarations to Deny People Entry to Canada

On January 28, 2014, Chris Alexander, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, issued the following statement (emphasis added):

Recent actions by members of Ukraine’s ruling elite in the face of popular and growing protests have been utterly deplorable, and compel us to take targeted and meaningful action.

“Given the violent repression of legitimate protest and the intimidation of opposition voices, we will be restricting entry to Canada – effective immediately – for key government figures as a direct result of their actions in recent days.

“Although Canada welcomes the recent developments in Ukraine, more needs to be done.  The Ukrainian government must address the fundamental demands of the people, including accountability and a full embrace of democratic principles.

“We believe it will take more than words to establish trust with the people, and Canada will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people, who courageously continue to speak out in support of democracy.

“Canada will continue to monitor developments in Ukraine, and, with our international partners, consider further options if necessary.”

This is the first time that the Government of Canada has used its new power resulting from Bill C-43 – The Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act to deny individuals the ability to obtain temporary resident status in Canada for up to three years on the basis of public policy considerations.

Section 22.1 Declarations

Section 22.1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act states: 


22.1 (1) The Minister may, on the Minister’s own initiative, declare that a foreign national, other than a foreign national referred to in section 19 [ed: this pertains to people registered under the Indian Act],

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