A44 Reports

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Section 44 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act states: Preparation of report 44 (1) An officer who is of the opinion that a permanent resident or a foreign national who is in Canada is inadmissible may prepare a report setting out the relevant facts, which report shall be transmitted to the Minister. Referral or removal order … Read More

A Common Sense Approach to A44 Reports

Meurrens LawInadmissibility

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the “Act“) provides that an officer who believes that a foreign national or permanent resident in Canada is inadmissible to Canada (for criminality, health, overstay, working without authorization, etc.) may prepare a report alleging the inadmissibility (commonly known as an “A44 Report“).   The Act further provides that once an officer prepares an … Read More

Top Source Countries for A44 Reports at YVR

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In 2011, 1,108 people were declared inadmissible to Canada when they arrived at the Vancouver International Airport. The following chart obtained through an Access to Information and Privacy Act request shows these individuals’ source countries. The top 10 countries were: Citizenship 2011 United States 247 South Korea 137 Hungary 83 China 72 Taiwan 49 British … Read More