Should I Do BC PNP or CEC?

6th Feb 2013 Comments Off on Should I Do BC PNP or CEC?

After the work experience requirement for the Canadian Experience Class went from two-years to one, many people have been asking whether they should apply for the BC PNP – Strategic Occupations – Skilled Workers program or the Canadian Experience Class.

The following table shows some of the issues that applicants should be aware with each application.  It was part of a larger table comparing the BC PNP to many federal economic immigration programs which I wrote in a paper for the 2013 Canadian Bar Association – British Columbia Branch Annual Immigration Conference.


BC PNP – Skilled Workers


Is a job offer required as part of the application?
Yes, and the employer must have at least 3-5 employees depending on its location.
No. In fact, there is no requirement that the applicant be employed during the processing of the application.

If a job offer is required, can the applicant change employers?
Not until after nomination, and the BC PNP may withdraw nomination if the new position does not meet program requirements.

If a job offer is required, does the employer have to do recruitment?
Yes, although if the employee is a TFW the original recruitment is sufficient.

How much work experience is required?
Several years of directly related work experience.

1 year of work experience in a NOC 0/A/B occupation in Canada in the 3 years preceding the application. 

Does self-employment count to experience?

Can currently self-employed people apply?
No, an applicant cannot own more than 10% of the employer.
Yes.  However, they must have one year experience as an employee.

Processing times
8-12 weeks at BC PNP, and then varies at CIC
11 months

Is language testing required?


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