Data Confirms Removals from British Columbia Up Since Conservatives Took Office

Data Confirms Removals from British Columbia Up Since Conservatives Took Office

29th Mar 2013 Comments Off on Data Confirms Removals from British Columbia Up Since Conservatives Took Office

We have obtained through an Access to Information and Privacy Act request data showing the Canada Border Services Agency’s removal statistics for people in British Columbia from 2003 – 2012 (2012 is partial).  I have reproduced below two pages of the data.  We have also obtained a chart showing Removal Orders from British Columbia by Country of Birth by Year, which I have not published.  If you wish to see it please contact me and I will send it to you by e-mail.

As the chart below demonstrates, removals from British Columbia has increased under the Conservatives.  Interestingly, it peaked in 2008 and 2009, before begin to decline.

There is a lot of interesting information contained in the data below, including tables showing:

  • Removal Orders by Type;
  • Removal Orders by Refugee Claimant vs. Non Refugee Claimant;
  • Removal Orders by Status in Canada;
  • Removal Orders by Inadmissibility Ground;
  • Removal Orders by Gender; and
  • Removal Orders by Age.  

Please note that the Tables below are a copy of an official work by the Government of Canada which was obtained through an Access to Information and Privacy Act Request, and to my knowledge is not otherwise publicly available.  While I believe that the data is still current, I cannot be assured of this.  The reproduction of this document has not occurred with the affiliation of the Government of Canada, nor with the endorsement of the Government of Canada.

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Should I Do BC PNP or CEC?

6th Feb 2013 Comments Off on Should I Do BC PNP or CEC?

After the work experience requirement for the Canadian Experience Class went from two-years to one, many people have been asking whether they should apply for the BC PNP – Strategic Occupations – Skilled Workers program or the Canadian Experience Class.

The following table shows some of the issues that applicants should be aware with each application.  It was part of a larger table comparing the BC PNP to many federal economic immigration programs which I wrote in a paper for the 2013 Canadian Bar Association – British Columbia Branch Annual Immigration Conference.


BC PNP – Skilled Workers


Is a job offer required as part of the application?
Yes, and the employer must have at least 3-5 employees depending on its location.
No. In fact, there is no requirement that the applicant be employed during the processing of the application.

If a job offer is required, can the applicant change employers?
Not until after nomination, and the BC PNP may withdraw nomination if the new position does not meet program requirements.

If a job offer is required, does the employer have to do recruitment?
Yes, although if the employee is a TFW the original recruitment is sufficient.

How much work experience is required?
Several years of directly related work experience.

1 year of work experience in a NOC 0/A/B occupation in Canada in the 3 years preceding the application. 

Does self-employment count to experience?

Can currently self-employed people apply?
No, an applicant cannot own more than 10% of the employer.
Yes.  However, they must have one year experience as an employee.

Processing times
8-12 weeks at BC PNP, and then varies at CIC
11 months

Is language testing required?


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