Buying a Business that Has Foreign Workers

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As an increasing number of Canadian employers employ foreign workers, and the Government of Canada is taking an increasingly strict approach in enforcing the rules regulating the employment of foreign workers, the issue of how companies can protect themselves when they buy companies that employ foreign workers is becoming increasingly significant. As well, as explained … Read More

Strict Interpretation of Compliance in the Foreign Worker Program

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[The following article appeared in the May edition of The Canadian Immigrant. I have slightly modified it for this blog post.] Back in 2013, Canada’s temporary foreign worker program was rocked by well–publicized stories of abuse. As a result, the Government of Canada introduced a comprehensive compliance regime for employers of foreign workers, and promised … Read More

IRCC Clarifies Non-Compliance in the International Mobility Program

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It is imperative that employers hiring foreign workers in the International Mobility Program (“IMP“) understand the consequences of non-compliance. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC“) has finally published information on its website which summarizes how it will determine when non-compliance has occurred and what the consequences will be. Since December 1, 2015, IRCC has had the legislative authority … Read More

Proposed Regulations Add Teeth to the CIC/Service Canada Employer Blacklist

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On June 7, 2013, the Government of Canada introduced regulatory changes which will take soon effect at a date to be determined (the “New Regulations”).  The New Regulations will impact all employers of foreign nationals in Canada.  Specifically, the New Regulations will impose new conditions on employers and increase the government’s ability to ensure compliance … Read More