Was not Continuously Engaged

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The word “continuously” appears in several immigration requirements.  It is not often not defined, and its interpretation has largely been left to immigration officers and the courts.



Black’s Law Dictionary defines the word “continuously” to mean:

Uninterruptedly; in unbroken sequence; without intermission or cessation; without intervening time; with continuity or continuation.”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “continuously” as being:

“in a continuous manner; uninterruptedly, without a break”.

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines “continuous” as meaning “unbroken, uninterrupted.”

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines “continuously” as being “in a continuous manner” and “continuous” as “characterized by uninterrupted extension in time or sequence.”


Dependent Child Jurisprudence

Much of the jurisprudence on the matter involves the definition of “dependent child” before the Conservative Government of Canada changes in 2014.

Previously, a “dependent child” was defined as:

“dependent child”, in respect of a parent, means a child who

(a) has one of the following relationships with the parent, namely,

(i) is the biological child of the parent, if the child has not been adopted by a person other than the spouse or common-law partner of the parent, or

(ii) is the adopted child of the parent; and

(b) is in one of the following situations of dependency, namely,

(i) is less than 22 years of age and not a spouse or common-law partner,

(ii) has depended substantially on the financial support of the parent since before the age of 22 — or if the child became a spouse or common-law partner before the age of 22, since becoming a spouse or common-law partner — and,

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