LMO Q&A: Who Can Be the Employer Contact? (OPS/BE-001)

8th Oct 2013 Comments Off on LMO Q&A: Who Can Be the Employer Contact? (OPS/BE-001)

My decision to publish e-mail exchanges between immigration representatives and Citizenship and Immigration Canada which I received through Access to Information Act requests has been met very favourably by blog readers.

I am now expanding this to internal correspondence between Temporary Foreign Worker Program officers at Service Canada and Business Expertise Consultants.

The following is an exchange between a Service Canada officer and a Business Expertise Consultant regarding who can be the employer contact in a LMO application.  My thoughts on the exchange are at the bottom of the reproduction.

Please note that what I have reproduced below should not be viewed as legal advice.  I obtained a copy of this internal Service Canada question and answer through an Access to Information Act request (the “ATI”).  The reproduction of question and answer has not occurred with the affiliation of the Government of Canada, nor with the endorsement of the Government of Canada.  (I have decided not to reproduce the names of the Service Canada officers involved.) Please e-mail me if you want a copy of the original question and answer contained in the ATI.


███████ has a 3’d party ███████ and his mailing address is ███████. This ID has 26 pages of activity in FWS, the last of which is a confirmation on 2011-10-12.

This 3’d party ID has a note dated, 2008/11/21, which states, “November 20, 08 Phone call to ███████ Employer states that the signature on the application, third party representative form and employment contract was not hers.”  The SF note for the file in question, SF ███████ states, “Spoke to ER Nov 20, 08. After attempting to verify application details the employer, ███████ stated that she was unaware of the employment contract and any of her responsibilities,

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