Presenting The Customs Enforcement Manual

15th Apr 2013 Comments Off on Presenting The Customs Enforcement Manual

The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for the detection and prevention of border-related offences such as smuggling, fraud, and wilful non-compliance with immigration, trade, and tax law.  The CBSA Enforcement Manual, also known as the Customs Enforcement Manual, serves as the guide for CBSA officers in the execution of their enforcement related responsibilities.  It has been relied upon in several court challenges.

To the best of my knowledge, the CBSA Enforcement Manual is not publicly available.  However, we have obtained a copy of it through an Access to Information and Privacy Act request and have made it available for purchase on this blog.   The price for this document, which is a massive 1,274 pages, is $4.95.  Our goal in providing the CBSA Enforcement Manual is to help you save valuable research time, and to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the CBSA operates.

We have provided as a free preview the first page of the CBSA Enforcement Manual.  We have also provided an outline of all of the information, policies, and guides which are found in it.

The Customs Enforcement Manual is divided into parts as outlined below.

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