Environmental Overview (Kyiv) [Updated]

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The following is a summary of the Environmental Overview of the immigration functions at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv (the “Environmental Overview”).  The Environmental Overview was prepared as part of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2013-2014 planning exercise, and is current as of January 2013.

Areas in blockquote are direct passages from the Environmental Overview.


The Canadian Embassy in Kyiv (“CIC Kyiv”) provides visa services to residents of the Ukraine.

There will be another Imagine Canada education fair this February. Approximately twenty institutions will take part in event which will visit Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. This event along with last fall’s Languages Canada tour will put upward pressure on student applications but this may be mitigated by the high refusal rate which may deter some from applying. The new Federal Skilled Trades Program is likely to attract a lot of attention in Ukraine. Skilled tradesmen already make up the bulk of the Provincial Nominees and Temporary Foreign Workers.


Kyiv started to process e-applications in 2013. Given that less than 30 cases were processed so far, it is too early to determine how it will affect work for Reception and Registry staff.

Kyiv successfully hosted a temporary duty officer for remote work on Moscow cases in 2012. The paper file applications were shipped from Moscow to Kyiv where the passports remained. Once the decision was made by the officer, printing of counterfoils and letters was done in Moscow.

In a revelation that I am sure will be of interest to PAFSO members, the Environmental Overview notes that the salary for a locally Engaged 04 is CAD 12,700 per annum.

Permanent Resident Program

Federal Skilled Worker – The inventory of pre C50 cases and MI1 cases was eliminated in 2012.  

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