Addressing Concerns About Marriage Fraud

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(The following is an article that I wrote for Policy Options.)   On April 13, 2017, the Trudeau government fulfilled a campaign promise from the 2015 federal election by eliminating the status of conditional permanent residency from Canada’s family reunification immigration programs. From 2012 to 2017, under rules implemented by the previous Harper government, immigrants … Read More

Borderlines Podcast Episode 3 – Marriage Fraud, with Raj Sharma

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Raj Sharma joins Peter Edelmann and Steven Meurrens to discuss marriage fraud. Raj Sharma is the managing partner of Stewart Sharma Harsanyi.  He is a well known commentator on immigration law. In addition to his active blog and numerous presentations that he has given at immigration conferences and seminars, he has written numerous op-eds on immigration, diversity … Read More

Guest Post: Suing your Spouse for Fraudulent Marriage

John NelsonFamily Class (Spousal Sponsorships, Parents & Grandparents)

(Note from Steven: I met John at the Canadian Bar Association British Columbia branch annual conference in San Francisco.  He is currently involved in some fascinating litigation representing an individual who sponsored a spouse only to watch her  immediately divorce him after she immigrated.  She also left him on the hook for tens of thousands … Read More