Environmental Overview (New Delhi)

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The following is a summary of the Environmental Overview of the immigration functions at the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi (the “Environmental Overview”).  The Environmental Overview was prepared as part of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2013-2014 planning exercise, and is current as of January 2013.

Areas in blockquote are direct passages from the Environmental Overview.


The Canadian High Commission in New Delhi (“CIC New Delhi”) is CIC’s largest overseas mission.  It provides permanent resident processing for India, Nepal, and Bhutan, with the assistance of Chandigarh for temporary resident processing.  It also processes medicals nationals of the above countries, as well as for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Canadian vetting procedures for Indian military, police and intelligence officers still continue to be a significant bilateral irritant.  Although there have been no refusals of temporary resident applications for these types of applicants in 2012-13 and requests for additional information for screening purposes are no longer made, the Indian government continues to raise the issue with Canadian officials at the highest levels.  Countering the impact of refusals that were given media attention in 2010 still remains a challenge.

A full-time resource is devoted to responding to the 75-100 e-mail communications that CIC-Dakar receives each day.

VAC Data Transfer

With assistance from GCMS and in cooperation with VFS, a system was set up from mid-December 2012 whereby 2D forms for TR applications are scanned using handheld scanners at the time of submission which are then transferred via secure download to the visa office.  The data is then uploaded to GCMS using a watch folder.  This has eliminated the need for 2D bar code scanning creation o 95% of our TR applications.

Permanent Resident Program

Although the termination of pre-C50 Federal Skilled Worker cases in 2012 resulted in a reduction of Delhi’s permanent resident inventory by more than 97,000 persons,

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