Applying for a Study Permit

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Last updated on September 16th, 2021

Generally, to be eligible for a study permit, a potential student must:

  • present a letter of acceptance from the educational institution where she intends to study. This school must be a Designated Learning Institution;
  • be able to both pay the tuition fees of the program as well as be able to financially support themselves and any accompanying financial members. Depending on the person’s country of origin, they may be required to take out a GIC with a designated Canadian bank;
  • be able to cover the cost of transportation to and from Canada;
  • pass any medical examinations;
  • possibly show proof of health insurance;
  • demonstrate that they are a bona fide student and that they will leave Canada at the end of the period authorized by their stay. .

Not every student needs a study permit. Exempt students include:

  • persons seeking to study for a short-term program (unless they wish to work on campus).
  • minor students in Canada.

Approval Rates

The following chart obtained through an Access to Information request shows the CIC approval rate for study permit applications based on certain countries of origin from 2009 – 2013.

Another ATI shows the breakdown of approvals for India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam broken down by level of study, gender, age, and whether the person applied online or in person.

A more recent ATI request shows the monthly 2019-2020 (Oct) approval statistics based on country and proposed program of study.

Finally, here is the breakdown of approvals for 2016 –

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