Owner Operator LMIAs

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Last updated on April 8th, 2021

One of the less understood recruitment exemptions in the Labour Market Impact Assessment stream is the exemption for Owner / Operators of a business.  The Employment and Social Development Canada website states:

Category: Owners/Operators
Description: The owner/operator must demonstrate that he is integral to the day-to-day operation of the business and will be actively involved in business processes/service delivery in Canada. In such instances, greater consideration should be given to demonstration by the applicant (owner/operator) that such temporary entry will result in the creation or retention of employment opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents and/or skills transfer to Canadians and permanent residents.

Variation: No advertising or recruitment is required.

Applicability: All Provinces

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program Manual previously stated:

The ESDC wiki states:

The wiki makes it clear that the following key conditions apply to Owner / Operator LMIAs:

  1. ESDC must be satisfied that the foreign national is or will be a principal owner or co-owner of the business in Canada.
  2. The company must prove the foreign natinoal’s shareholdings.
  3. [redacted]
  4. When assessing labour market factors, the focus is on job creation/retention and/or skills transfer. For co-owners, the focus is on job creation / retention and/or skills transfer.
  5. For High-Wage Owner-operator applications, Transition Plans apply.
  6. For Low-Wage, the caps apply.
  7. Confirmations can be for one year or less.

The wiki goes on to address whether start-up companies can do owner-operator LMIAs, including where the company does not exist.

While the amount of redactions are frustrating, regardless of what the ESDC website and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Manual / wiki states,

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Service Canada Regional Reference #6 – Lodge Owners

19th Mar 2013 Comments Off on Service Canada Regional Reference #6 – Lodge Owners

The document below is Service Canada Regional Reference Material – Reference #6 – Lodge Owners, released on November 14, 2012 (“Reference #6“).

Reference #6 provides guidance to Service Canada officers regarding the processing of Labour Market Opinions for partial Owner/Operator Labour Market Opinions where the business is a hunting, fishing, or leisure lodge, camp, or resort.

It recommends that officers approve applications where the employment of the partial Owner / Operator results in job creation for Canadians and permanent residents.  However, where the employment of the partial Owner / Operator does not result in job creation for Canadians and permanent residents, it recommends refusal.

Please note that Reference #6 is a copy of an official work by the Government of Canada which was obtained through an Access to Information and Privacy Act Request, and to my knowledge is not otherwise publicly available.  While I believe that Regional Reference #6  is still current, I cannot be assured of this.  The reproduction of this document has not occurred with the affiliation of the Government of Canada, nor with the endorsement of the Government of Canada

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