Retrospective Legislation

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In a recent Borderlines episode, Garth Barriere, Eric Purtzki, Peter Edelmann and I discussed the constitutionality of laws that are retroactive or retrospective.  This episode can be found here: A link to this episode’s synopsis can be found here. The following post provides a more detailed written summary of retroactive and retrospective legislation in the immigration context.

Bill C-46 and Retrospectivity

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As previously noted on this blog, Bill C-46 will when it takes effect make many offences that currently render someone inadmissible for criminality inadmissible for serious criminality. The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has now affirmed that these changes will not apply retrospectively. As such, people who were previously deemed rehabilitated will continue … Read More

Borderlines Podcast Episode 9 – The Constitutionality of Retrospective Laws, with Garth Barriere & Eric Purtzki

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On the 9th podcast episode, Garth Barriere and Eric Purtzki joins Peter Edelmann and Steven Meurrens to discuss the constitutionality of laws that are retroactive or retrospective.  Peter and Steven also discuss the recent election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. Garth and Eric are both criminal defence attorneys in Vancouver. … Read More