Clearing the Parental Backlog

9th Nov 2011 Comments Off on Clearing the Parental Backlog

It looks like Citizenship and Immigration Canada is serious about clearing that parental and grandparent sponsorship backlog.  On November 7, 2011, CIC released Operational Bulletin 353 – Change in Procedures for Processing Family Class Parent and Grandparent Applications.

If you have an application to sponsor a parent or grandparent in processing take note.  Starting mid-November, CIC will begin sending out letters to sponsors with the oldest applications in processing requesting the submission of additional documentation and forms.

Applicants will be given 90 days to comply with the request, and informed that if they do not submit the additional documentation and forms within the 90 days, then their application will be closed.

Furthermore, if the additional forms and documents are incomplete, then applicants will only have 30 days to return their application with the missing documents, or the application will be closed.

Considering that until last week people with sponsorship applications in processing thought that it would be years until their was movement on their file these deadlines are pretty strict.  So take note and get ready!  It would be a change if the parent and grandparent sponsorship application backlog was reduced simply through applications being rejected for failure to comply with deadlines.

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